Saturday, 15 August 2015

Principal’s speech on 15th August 2015
My Dear Staff & My Dear students,
My Greetings to you all on this happy occasion of 69th Independence Day of our Great Country.
Do you Know why all of you are asked to come early in the morning to celebrate this day as a National festival, salute the flag, and to sing our beautiful National Anthem? On this day we pay our respects to all those freedom fighters who sacrificed their Health, wealth, family & life for the Independence of our country. We draw inspiration from their lives. We remember the Freedom fighters, soldiers, workers, scientists, farmers developing this country. When we salute the National flag, we are saluting Bharatmatha. When we sing the National Anthem we remember the glory of our great country.
We got Independence from the foreign rulers due to our freedom fighters. The people of India fought a series of hard and bitter battles for their lost liberty. They were fighting with British invaders from 1757 to 14th August 1947. There was civil disobedience movement – I & II. In April 1930 Gandhiji launched the salt satyagraha. With civil disobedience came the boycott of British goods & civil resistance to unjust laws. Responding to the appeal of Mahatma Gandhi, men & women joined the campaign in thousands for open confrontation with the enemy in the battle of freedom. Hundreds of people were imprisoned, shot & killed by the British govt. to create reign of terror throughout India. Bhagat singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, many people in Jalinwala Bagh incident sacrificed their lives to make our country independent. Try to understand the sacrifice of Bhagat singh and the death of Chandrasekhar Azad in Allahabad and the struggle unto death by Alluri sitarama raju. Independence means freedom from slavery, injustice and looting of our resources by the foreigners who invaded our country. The slogan and temper in the hearts of the people during freedom movement was “Freedom is our Birth Right and we want our India’s Independence”. In this way we fought and got our first Independence day on 15th August 1947.
Now students if you feel that our country has developed it is once again the contribution of many thousands of citizens of our country & if you feel that our country is still in lot of problems and people are suffering it means the citizens especially the youth force should contribute for the peace and welfare of our country. When citizens struggle for improvement, the fruits of Independence will reach the people. For this to happen we should
1.    Nor give importance to caste, creed & other differences and act as brothers & sisters of this country. We should be Smart in our understanding the situations in our country. We are talking about smart cities in our country which are essential but most essential are the smart citizens in our country. Smart citizens simply mean those who know what is good & what is bad our country and contribute their best in spite of so many temptations.
2.    We should always be inspired by the freedom fighters, the working class and do our duty.
3.    As students you should concentrate on your studies and show human kindness towards the poor, weak, old, handicapped. You should respect the women, support the junior students and understand your responsibility and perform with the highest self-confidence. Remember Swami Vivekananda words ‘The essence of education is concentration of mind and not the collection of facts’. Your future depends on today’s harvest. “I work only for the development of my country” are the golden words of Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, our hero for the present generation. I remind you that 40 Universities awarded doctorates to him.
Regarding our institution we have the hard work and support of all our Teaching & Non-Teaching staff. We all work as family members. Is it not? We want our students to be successful. Yesterday we have inaugurated our polytechnic website. It is . our RJD in his mail congratulated the Computer Engg.  Staff for this achievement. As a best practise I want them to offer free service in examination fee payment, scholarship registration and guide them in the use of internet. If you have any problem in receiving the Govt. Scholarship please approach me since I take up student scholarship work personally. Soon we are going to conduct the Anti-Ragging meeting; parent-teacher meeting and we will celebrate Teachers day, Engineers day, Freshers day, a few Games competitions and photo session with final year students. I want you to prepare well for the unit tests for III/VI sem students from Monday. Please take the help of our staff in achieving better results. I appreciate the efforts of those staff taking extra remedial classes in the morning times.
                      Our motto is “To do honest work for the development of our country as a smart citizen”. I thank the staff in organising this function nicely.

                                                                Thank you all and JAI HIND.


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