Monday, 14 September 2015


We need to vary our teaching styles and incorporate a range of delivery methods into our pedagogy. No matter how enigmatic a lecturer, it is difficult to engage a theatre full of students for 50 minutes, purely by talking at them. Some students learn best through listening; some by touching and others need visual stimuli, e.g. Educational video resources.

           Educational video resources are a great way to add visual stimuli to our lectures. They should always be used as an extension of the lecture and not as a replacement. When used properly they can help to heighten the educational experience for students and raise the level of engagement and achievement during lectures.  

Steps to follow while preparing Educational videos
  1.  Preparation of learning objectives.
  2.  Listing and sequencing of teaching points.
  3.  Method of presentation strategy.
  4.  Decision block.

Parts of Video Production:

  1. Pre –Production:
    1. Preparation of story
    2. Identification of resources and shooting location
    3. Preparation of detailed shooting script
    4. Procurement of resources
    5. Rehearsal
    6. Decision block
  2. Production :
    1. Video recording
    2. Audio recording
  3.  Post production (Editing):
    1. Linear editing
    2. Non linear editing, Methods:  We use Non linear editing.
      1. Avid
      2. Canapus
      3. FCP- Final Cut Pro

           Video requires indoor and out door shooting. We require some elements like camera, light, sound, background music while preparing educational videos with the duration 8-15 minutes. Because according to a survey the level of students’ concentration lasts just for 12 minutes.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Teaching Students to Play the Game of Life – Swami Chinmayananda

Teaching can be one of the most interesting and rewarding professions in the world if you know what you are doing. Where does teaching end? What is its goal? The goal of teaching is to impart to the children the ability to make the right judgements. The students have to be made fit to live in society not only professionally and monetarily, but also in the right frame of mind with which he or she meets life cheerfully and as a challenge. The true teacher is thus a sculptor, preparing students to meet life with perfect ease and to leave their mark on the society.

Friday, 4 September 2015

5th September 2015
Congratulations to my beloved staff and students
Dear Staff & Students,

            The Teacher’s day, Parents & Teachers meet and the Fresher’s day Celebrations on 04-09-2015 at our Institute was a grand success. Honouring the Retired Headmaster gave us utmost satisfaction and the mementos presented by the students to all their Teachers with our college emblem & photo of the great Teacher Sri S.Radhakrishnan is simply superb.

            The contributions made by students & beloved staff in various committees are exemplary. Students discipline & conduct during the function is well regulated. I am fully convinced that the present team of Senior & Junior staff, Non-teaching staff form a well-knit unit, are highly Collaborative and one of the best unit among all the Government Polytechnics in the state of AP.

With Regards,

K.V.R.BABU, Principal, GP Addanki