Friday, 4 September 2015

5th September 2015
Congratulations to my beloved staff and students
Dear Staff & Students,

            The Teacher’s day, Parents & Teachers meet and the Fresher’s day Celebrations on 04-09-2015 at our Institute was a grand success. Honouring the Retired Headmaster gave us utmost satisfaction and the mementos presented by the students to all their Teachers with our college emblem & photo of the great Teacher Sri S.Radhakrishnan is simply superb.

            The contributions made by students & beloved staff in various committees are exemplary. Students discipline & conduct during the function is well regulated. I am fully convinced that the present team of Senior & Junior staff, Non-teaching staff form a well-knit unit, are highly Collaborative and one of the best unit among all the Government Polytechnics in the state of AP.

With Regards,

K.V.R.BABU, Principal, GP Addanki

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