Wednesday, 4 November 2015


My Dear Staff,                                                                                                                  Dt. 04-11-2015

                I am glad to inform you that I participated in In-country Program on “Accreditation and certification of TVET Institutions “at the NITTTR, Chennai organized by Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) & NITTTR under the collaboration of Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC), Manila, Philippines from October 26-30, 2015.
                There is a growing demand for recognition of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutional across borders due to a large number of emerging factors such as increasing economic globalization, significant migration flows, increasing labour market opportunities for the highly skilled, and the growth in the international trade and services. To answer this concern & for high quality education, various initiatives have been established such as the development of an effective TVET system thru accreditation and certification of such institutions. So TVET administrators and managers are required to bring innovations in educational policies and processes, and their firm implementation amidst building TVET excellence through a well-structured accreditation system.
                Accreditation Board of Engg. And Technology (ABET), National Assessment and Accreditation council (NAAC) accredit college and university programs and APACC, National Board of Accreditation (NBA) accredit TVET institutions (includes Polytechnic Programs).

Benefits of APACC Accreditation to TVET institutions

  • The institution can identify its programs with excellence in TVET;
  • The institution could be assured of conformity to good practices and benchmarks of global requirements;
  • The institution will be able to rate its programs on an international platform for better student intake;
  • The institution will be able to appraise itself of its own facilities and faculty vis-à-vis performance;
  • The institution can satisfy vendor or human capital to world-class employer and other stakeholders in TVET sector;
  • The institution can provide the public with a positive image and can validate that an institution meets or exceeds high standards of TVET;
  • The institution can increase students’ knowledge of industry standards and professionalism to enhance the students credibility in obtaining employment within their own countries and across national border in Asia-Pacific region;
  • The institution can provide external peer-review to verify program quality;
  • The institution can facilitate in mobilizing the workforce and harmonizing its curricula and skills competency;

The seven criteria used by APACC as its Institutional Accreditation Standards are as follows:
  • Governance and Management
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Research and Development
  • Extension, Consultancy and Linkages
  • Resources
  • Support to students

 A Self-assessment report for Accreditation is to be prepared and enclosed to the Project work.

Similarly documents for National Accreditation and Certification Systems and Practices (NBA) in India was discussed through a case study during the training. As per the latest AICTE Norms for starting of new courses, the existing courses are to be accredited by NBA. There was a study visit to SRM University. An International Seminar on “Enhancing Quality of Technical Education through Accreditation “was also conducted on Oct. 29. Finally the participants attended the Online Examination and Evaluations.
I was very pleased to be part of this relevant and enriching event. In order to introduce new courses in our institute for the benefit of student community of this area, it is binding on our part to get accredited by NBA for the existing programs, Let us empower ourselves for this important task. Cheers to knowledge and lifelong learning!

With Regards
K.V.R.BABU, Principal, GP Addanki


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